Web Portal

web portal

A school website provides information about your school and what you do well.When properly designed and constructed a website, it can open a new horizon with up to-date data and easy access to those. We are living in a large community. Your website can be a valuable showcase for representing educational and photo gallery, teacher profile, form, online admission form fill up and submitting, guardian feedback, Academic rules & regulation etc.

What is Web Portal?

Web portals are organized gateways that help to structure the access to information found on the Internet.Much more than a simple search engine, they usually include customizable access to data such as stock reports, local, regional, and national news, and email services. Most of the better-known portals are commonly identified as search engines, although they offer much more than simply the ability to search the Internet.

Portals as a concept

  • providing staff with a single point of access to business systems
  • aggregating corporate information into a single location
  • providing staff with a single user experience that crosses information systems and technologies
  • tailoring (customizing or personalizing) information to the needs of individual staff (or groups of staff)
  • reducing (or eliminating) the need for multiple logins

Significant  features of our provided support service are -

  1. Academic Web Profile (Academic/School-College Website)
  2. Daily Notice Board
  3. Academic History, Achievements,Award etc.
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Feedback/Opinion Sharing
  6. Event Calendar
  7. Admit Card with Student Picture Printing
  8. Class Routine Management
  9. Exam Routine Management
  10. Academic Content Download and Sharing
  11. Office Staff Details

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