Digital Attendance

Digital Time Attendance

Digital Time Attendance

For something as simple as time and attendance, there are quite a few advantages your organization can expect to receive from improved management of the task.

Through our provided software service an academic institution can get Digital time attendance service for students teachers, office staff-
  • During regular class schedule when students will present in the school students time attendance summary report can be recorded manually through our system.
  • On the other hand, this attendance summary report can also be prepared in automated system using finger print or proximity card.
  • Which students would not come to school, an absent sms notification will send to their given mobile number.
  • As like students- digital time attendance is also applicable for teachers and office staff.
  • Through digital time attendance, you can get following services like-
  • Leave entry
  • Daily attendance
  • Daily absent SMS
  • Late student reporting
  • Staff attendance
  • Teacher attendance.
  • Auto IN/OUT notification

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